About David

David Henry in Salford

David Henry – a brief biography in his own words.

I’m a 26 year old Youth and Community Worker and Human Rights Activist. I was educated at Oakwood High School, Eccles College, Mancat and Salford University. I was born and raised in the area and currently live in Broughton. I left home at the age of 15 and since then I’ve lived all over the city throughout my life, from Broughton, Blackfriars and Irwell Riverside as well as Weaste, Kersal and Pendelbury.

I’ve have been campaigning on a diverse array of civil rights and environmental issues ever since I was at school, and was nominated for Greater Manchester Young Citizen of the Year. I’m a documentary film-maker and trustee of several charities that support young people.

I am a member of Salford & Manchester Green Party, the National Union of Journalists and National Union of Students. I’m also Co-Chair of Salford Youth Council and General Secretary of the Voluntary Workers Union.

At this election I will be standing under the umbrella of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition – a network of similar campaigners run by local activists which has agreed to provide an electoral platform for the Hazel Must Go campaign (endorsed by former Independent MP Martin Bell as well as dozens of local disenfranchised Labour activists) to stand as a socialist alternative to Hazel Blears.

I have played an active part within the Hazel Must Go campaign from it’s inception back in June 2009 when I attempted to perform a Citizens Arrest on Hazel Blears outside the Civic Centre in Swinton.

The campaign decided put forward an “alternative people’s candidate” to Hazel Blears to stand against her at this General Election after she refused to answer our calls to sign up to our “Charter for Salford” then subsequently refused to resign.

On 4th February I was democratically selected at a full public meeting at the Old Pint Pot pub in Salford amidst much media speculation who the campaign would choose as their “local champion”. On the evening I appeared on ITV Granda Reports’s ten-o-clock bulletin outlining why the campaign has put forward an alternative and what issues I will be championing leading up to election day.

I am calling for our troops in Afghanistan to come home. I strongly oppose cuts to our public services and the NHS. I will tackle the corruption and greed in that has damaged our political system. I will fight for free education – against tuition fees and for massive investment in public transport plus sustainable council and social housing.

I will stand up for social and environmental justice for all the people of Salford regardless of their identity or background. I represent ideals the Labour Party once stood for and pledge not to abandon them as they have, and to refresh modern politics once and for all.

Read more about why I’m standing in my Election Statement

Check out the ten key principles of the “Charter for Salford” – drawn up by our campaign led by ordinary members of the public – based on local hopes and dream, not the artwork of some anonymous think tank or economic consultant.


8 Responses to About David

  1. Brilliant, brilliant! I used to live in Salford. This is SO needed.

  2. Edward says:

    David. You are a breath of fresh air I never saw coming. We the great undecided Salfordians appear to have a savour. I’m not saying you are going to save the world or even get everyone’s vote you need but the hope you are offering such a REAL alternative, a real person for once is so refreshing I am going to cancel my afternoon stroll through Eccles in order continue mulling over your website. I am already impressed so lets hope it can only get bigger and better. Good Luck you have my vote and I will be spreading the word. Edward, Eccles New Road.

  3. Kevan Heyes says:

    Hi David

    Good website. Just wanted to wish you luck for the campaign. Salford needs honest people who will work to improve their lives and I think they have found that in you. I am a member of the Socialist Party and would like to offer my help with campaigning if you need it.



  4. markkrantz says:

    Great Website David

  5. Joel says:

    David seems like a really good candidate.

    Good luck.

  6. Tam says:

    excellent campaign, blears defies all logic but nulabour deader than dead, love red devil photo!

  7. Fantastic site David. May I share it with people on twitter and facebook?

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