Tories plan to turn Salford into Nuclear Waste dump

The Conservative Party in Salford have opened the floodgates to allow out city to become Greater Manchester’s central hub for storgae of Nuclear Waste. They might not have realised what the implications of their actions would be (under the guise of saving a couple of thousand pound) so I’ve made it clear the people of Salford DO NOT want nuclear waste being transported their their city, or dumped on their doorstep.

This is my response to Conservative Councillor Iain Lindley’s recent blog article in which he attempts to justify why he voted to effectively remove Salford’s Nuclear-Free city status.

It has been policy of all Greater Manchester Authorities since 1980 – Manchester being the first Nuclear Free City. At the time we had a Greater London Style Unitary Authority like the GLA which included Salford and the nine other Greater Manchester boroughs.

You can read his thoughts here:

What do we get from the association of Nuclear Free Authorities?

I’m not sure if the Conservative group on the council managed to over-turn the City’s commitment to remaining Nuclear-free, but I shall report back soon.

Iain Lindley is also the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Worlsey and Eccles South, where the current MP is Barbara Keely (Labour).


Dear Iain,

I appreciate your understandable questioning of the use of a couple of thousand pound of council tax-payers money, but what are the arguments in favour of the affiliation? So far you’ve provided only one side of the story. I think people have a right to know the risks.

If Salford were to cast off it’s status as a “Nuclear Free City” there would be no sure-way of preventing the transportation of radioactive materials through Greater Manchester. Notably the Manchester Ship Canal and the International Freight Terminal at Trafford Park, possibly even Port Salford or on wagons along the M60 orbital motorway.

Over the years there have been numerous incidents involving rail and road freight owned by BNFL, a lot of it unreported or down-played. Perhaps because these have (luckily) occurred in mostly rural, isolated areas, but they do go between all the Nuclear Power and Waste Disposal sites all over the country. Drop the Nuclear Free pledge and you may well be opening the doors for our friends Peel Holdings and whoever they do business with to park this toxic stuff right under our noses.

£2,332 a year to keep a check on the risks of a potential radioactive catastrophe occurring in a densely populated area is a small price to pay. But I agree with your concerns of the council forking out £3 million to build a couple of pointless roundabouts, that’s a whole different ball game! Maybe they had to be re-enforced to carry all the extra road freight…?

Further Reading: Nuclear Free Authorities


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