Youth Fight for Jobs Demonstration

David Henry addresses the Youth Fight for Jobs Rally in Manchester

Today I took part in the Youth Fight for Jobs march and rally through Manchester, an event led by young people and students calling better employment conditions and the right to work.

There are now over 1 million young people looking for work (with 300,000 of them in the North West) , and a great deal more “not on the radar” who are simply out of work for a wide range of reasons who simply cannot afford to get a job or support themselves.

One in five young people in this country are struggling to survive financially, are crippled by debt before the age of 25 and unable to find suitable accomodation or even pay their basic utility bills. With government cuts meaning 100,000 young people will not get a place at University this year, the fight for jobs is more important than ever.

Youth Fight for Jobs is a growing campaign which I fully support and am proud to have their full backing here in Salford.

On Saturday 13th March we were also joined in by hundreds of others marching in cities all over the UK. Here is a snipped from the report by Youth Fight For Jobs attendees from the Socialist Students Society on the event:

“The march was lively and loud and the public was vocal in its support as we arrived at Piccadilly Gardens, a popular local destination for young people, where a rally was held.

David Henry, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate for Salford, addressed the crowd with a stirring speech about the lack of opportunities for young people in the area, compounded by the economic crisis; and the need to fight back against cuts to education and for real jobs.

Socialist Party member and PCS Union activist Steven Heyward also spoke of the need to bring together the industrial and educational sides of the struggle. Following the rally around 25 people attended a very positive meeting led by Matt Dobson, the national coordinator of Socialist Students, to discuss the practical steps necessary to build YFJ further in the north west.”


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