Defending NHS Jobs at Salford Royal Hospital

In response to the Manchester Evening News article (dated 30th March 2010) announcing 750 job cuts at Salford Royal Hospital, and proposals to close Cleveland House Community Mental Health Team, the Hazel Must Go Campaign has come out in opposition to the cuts facing our health service.

“Hazel Must Go” which will be contesting the General Election under the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition banner is clear in it’s opposition to any cuts in public services. We believe more investment is needed in the NHS, we cannot afford to allow it to deteriorate any further.

David Henry commented:

“We are in complete opposition to any cuts in the health service in Salford. Where is Hazel Blears on this issue? In the past she at least pretended to care about cuts in her back yard – her silence on this occasion is deafening, it speak volumes.

“Since many of our campaigners work within the NHS – some of them at the Royal itself we will mobilise staff in the workplace to demand answer and oppose cuts. We are willing to work with any groups opposed to continued attacks on our health service and other public services – which all the main political parties believe is the only way out of recession. Destroying the NHS is too high a price to pay for someone else’s mistake.


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