Your Questions: Relations between the UK and Cuba

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign are requesting Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (of which there are around 2,000 standing at the 2010 General Election) for their views on international relations with Cuba.

I have been contacted by Derek Simpson (Joint General Secretary of UNITE) and Ray Walker (Branch Secretary of Salford Unison) to respond to the following question:

If elected as an MP would you support better relations between the UK and Cuba?

“I would offer my full backing to Early Day Motion 1171 calling for better relations with Cuba. Regardless of the result at the General Election in Salford & Eccles I pledge my undivided support to the Cuba Solidarity Campaign.”

“Our Government should finally condemn the continued blockade placed upon the Cuban people by the United States, which without a doubt has contributed to a deterioration in their quality of life. The free movement of all people’s between the nation of Cuba should be reinstated and measures should be put in place by the international community to ensure Cuba is not subjected to social or environmental exploitation as a result.”

“The Prime Minister should make a full public apology for the UK’s alleged involvement in Human Rights abuses at Guantanamo Bay, and ensure it is closed as promised on-time by the United States. I would also like to express my disappointment at last night’s news announcing the suspension of diplomatic talks between the European Union and Cuba, and I would call upon the European Parliament to resume relations immediately in the spirit of peace, justice and democracy.”

David Henry
Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition
Parliamentary Candidate (Salford & Eccles)


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