Hazel Blears’ Vanishing Voters

On Monday 12th April 2010 as Parliament is dissolved, around 15,000 of Hazel Blears’ constituents in the wards of Broughton and Kersal will say goodbye to her forever due to the Boundary Commission’s restructuring  into the new constituency of Broughton & Blackley“.

Local residents have tried to get in touch with her on numerous occasions ever since she vowed in June 2009 to return to her “grass roots”. What a pity she never even came to say goodbye. But perhaps she may be saying goodbye to everyone much sooner that spectators think.

In 1992 Hazel stood for parliament up in Bury (where she lost) she got over 24,000 votes -more than she’s ever polled in her native Salford. That’s 11,000 more votes than she polled at the 2005 election in Salford (which she won).

The actual number of Salfordians voting for Hazel Blears has declined (from 22,848 in 1997 to just 13,007 in 2005).

Since 1997 she has somehow lost roughly 10,000 original voters.

With a reduced majority of 7,945 combined an uncertain level of support from the new Eccles electorate (mostly loyal to retiring Labour MP Ian Stewart) the 2010 General Election in Salford & Eccles could be a close call for Hazel.

Spiralling Majority

2010: T.B.C
2005: 7,945
2001: 11,012 
1997: 17,069

Plummeting Votes

2010     ? ? ? ? ?
2005      13,007    (57.6%)      Salford
2001      14,649     (65.1%)      Salford
1997      22,848     (69.0%)      Salford
1992      24,085     (44.6% )     Bury South


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