Letter to Students

David Henry - Vote for Students Election Campaign Letter

With the General Election only a few days away, Salford is set to be one of the most interesting places during one of the most exciting elections of our lifetimes. With no less than eight candidates standing for the newly created Salford & Eccles seat we are spoilt for choice.

I have been a student at the University of Salford for the past two years, and back in February I was selected at a public meeting at the Old Pint Pot to be one of those eight names you see on the ballot paper.

Lots of people are asking me – “Why you David!?”

I’ve always been interested in politics, but becoming a politician has never been an ambition of mine, instead I’ve been involved in grass roots campaigning, human rights, the environmental and anti-war movement – but to me, everything is political.

Since I left school in 1999 I’ve been working with young people from disadvantaged communities, I’m currently co-chair of Salford Youth Council which aims to give young people a voice. I’m now 26 and applied as a mature student having previously studied a foundation course at Manchester Metropolitan. I’ve never stood for an election before, not even at a student union election, but I feel so passionate and energetic about being able to stand up to the injustices our current politicians have imposed on the student community and the people of Salford that I put my name forward to the “Hazel Must Go” campaign.

I’ve decided to write to you directly as I believe a vote for me is a genuine “Vote for Students”, for the first and probably only time you will have this unique opportunity to cast a vote at a general election who:

  • Has lived and is living through the student lifestyle at Salford.
  • Is experiencing first-hand the challenges & hardships we all face.
  • Is accessible, honest and has no interest in being a “career politician”.
  • Is not a member of a major political party – but a community campaign.
  • Has the potential to bring-about a hung parliament, abolishing top-up fees.
  • Will fight for the abolition of ALL fees and call for the restoration of grants.
  • Will call on the banks to reduce student debt, and for fairer ethical practices.
  • Will fight for better facilities on campus and improved accommodation.
  • Will oppose job cuts, course closures, and defend high-quality education.
  • Actively stands up to ALL forms of prejudice, hatred and discrimination.

You might have seen the recent feature in Salford Student Direct about me, if you missed it you can find it here.

Of the other eight candidates (including Hazel Blears and the Lib Dems!) I’m the only one who has pledged all of the above. I believe a vote for me is a real vote for students. If you believe in the same, consider casting yours for someone who truly believes in YOU!


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