NUS Vote for Students – a politically biased campaign?

Today I delivered several thousand letters to my fellow students at the University of Salford, and have hand-signed every last one of them.

Coincidently, today the NUS launched it’s final “Vote for Students” list which I signed quite a while ago now. However, I was astonished to discover their list ONLY includes candidates from the main parties. I know for a fact many others have signed the pledge too. I believe my stance goes further than what the NUS is calling for, they no longer campaign against tuition fees or for the restoration of the maintenance grant. I’ve outlined this is my Letter to Students, explaining why a vote for me is a vote for them too.

Please be aware that until the NUS include the full range of candidates from smaller parties and coalitions such as myself and independents, this list is completely undemocratic and biased. There are EIGHT candidates standing in Salford, and in neighbouring Manchester Central there are no less than TEN!

Vote for students has a great platform here, they have the opportunity to enable many first-time voters to participate fully in the elections, but denying them the opportunity to explore all the options is affront to democracy and everything the National Union of Students (of which I myself am a member) stands for.

I call on Vote for Students to correct this injustice, and include everyone who has signed the pledge.


4 Responses to NUS Vote for Students – a politically biased campaign?

  1. Alan Hughes says:

    Totally agree with your comments David they should include all the candidates standing in the election to hear what you have to say to give the students a chance to find out what you truly represent

  2. Both myself and David are candidates in Salford & Eccles, although we my disagree on some policies we do agree that in a democracy it is the people who should decide and to make an informed choice they must have access to all candidates. Once again we are seeing 1000s of people denied democracy whilst the N.U.S. provides a platform for the corrupt main party’s it blocks any candidate who is trying to stop that corruption and bring Democracy back to the people

  3. Swarmy says:

    Don’t you and David disagree on a great, great deal Stephen?

    Anyway, I’m not surprised but I am disappointed to read about this David – thanks for bringing it to wider attention.

  4. steve says:

    This is a message I sent to student protest groups earlier last year. Those with the courage to oppose all cuts, please circulate this widely.

    Students, please watch this character – Aaron Porter, like a hawk!!!! NUS leaders can not be trusted to represent the interests of the membership. I say this mainly because there are already indications that Mr. Porter will let you vent your anger but ultimately sell you out. What I write now is the absolute truth. The present shadow defence secretary, Jim Murphy, is the same Jim Murphy who ran the National Union of Students in the early 90s.

    I remember it like it was yesterday, seeing him in Manchester telling NUS members that it was “unrealistic” to expect the continuation of grants. His meetings were stage managed, so that only his cronies in the audience got to ask “safe” questions. He then had the nerve to march at a Campaign for Free Education rally in Leeds. I was there, too. He was nearly lynched when students recognized him. At the time we couldn’t understand why he was acting so contradictory. However, a rumour soon spread that Murphy had been promised a chance to run for New Labour in Scotland. We thought it was just that, a rumour. Within two years Murphy received his thirty pieces of silver from the Labour party for deceiving the people he was meant to represent. He became an MP in Scotland.

    This man lived in South Africa for years, still received a student grant, and I don’t think he even graduated. I wasn’t the only former Labour supporter who was enlightened by this experience. From this experience many of us realized what had become of the party and our union leadership. Now, while the TUC and New Labour sit on their hands, the people they are meant to represent are taking to the streets. Miliband twiddles his thumbs, looking around for some kind of gimmick to fool those the party left behind long ago into voting for New Labour.

    The party has become a rotten corpse, and the stench is noted by everyone except those still wanting power by any means. Sadly, New Labour will win some people back, simply because those people despise New Labour slightly less than they hate the policies of the Tory/Lib partnership. As for you and your “dithering” Aaron Porter, the students are embarrassing you into making the right noises. Shame for you that they embarrass you into changing tack, while they continue their fight regardless of your ineffective “leadership.”

    Students, I wish you the best of luck. Linking up with all the other protest organizations in Britain and Europe will strengthen your hand a lot more than waiting for Aaron Porter’s knees to stop knocking.

    Jack Straw! Jim Murphy! Aaron Porter! People, is the picture getting any clearer?

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