Sunday 6th June 2010

David Henry Live: Podcast 6th June 2010 David Henry Radio talk show 6th june 2010

Tony Legend boards the resistance railway to confront the ‘psychotic globalist elite’ as the G20 world leaders meet in Scotland. As protesters of every shade emerge calling for peace, justice and civil liberties – we ask why things need to change and just how we’re going to do it. David Henry is joined Live in the studio debating “The N Word” with former-Tory turned equality guru Christine Burns and controversy-courting rap duo Class Actions.

Studio Guests:
Aslan AK & Mike F (Class Actions)
Christine Burns MBE (Just Plain Sense)

Download the full Mp3 Podcast to your computer

We Are Change Manchester: G20 Protest
This week’s show kicks off with an an hour-long, hard-hitting documentary produced by Tony Legend and members of Manchester’s We Are Change group, as they travel to Scotland along with join thousands of protesters outside a meeting of the G20. Anti-capitalists, trade unionists, students, truth-seekers, anti-fascists, anti-poverty, peace and anti-war activists, info-warriors and grass-roots campaign groups of every kind of civil rights and social-justice issue imaginable had gathered to voice their opposition to the rich super-elite plotting our future. Tony asks how they each intend to reverse the trend of global injustice, and what they’d change most about an ever-changing world.

Download the full Mp3 Podcast to your computer

Live Discussion: The N Word
Introducing Class Actions, a Salford-based socially-concious dance-rap duo as they launch their new Album “Keep Your Pride”. Self-proclaimed “aggressive Anglo-Turkish” rapper Aslan AK and talented composer Mike F join former Conservative Party activist turned acclaimed civil rights champion stroke equality and diversity chief-whip, writer and broadcaster Christine Burns in the studio as we challenge the band’s controversial lyrics. We attempt to diffuse the confused when it comes to offensive language in music and everyday life. Prepare for strong language in the best possible taste as we cross the boundaries of race, class and the thorniest fringes of political correctness.

Aslan Ask and Mike F of Class Actions somewhere in Salford, shortly after David Henry Live 6th June 2010
Christine Burns MBE with David Henry Live on Manchester Radio Online 6th June 2010
Christine Burns MBE with Aslan Ask and Mike F from Class Actions - on David Henry Live 6th June 2010We Are Change Radio on Manchester Radio Online


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