Sunday 13th June 2010

David Henry Live: Podcast 6th June 2010 David Henry Radio talk show 6th june 2010

Download the full Mp3 Podcast to your computer

David Henry LIVE: Terror in the City
Our weekly studio discussion is action packed. David reports from the streets of Manchester as protesters attempt to occupy the BBC following the deadly raid on aid ships travelling to Palestine. We expose how the police are using ‘Forward Intelligence’ to intimidate law-abiding protesters and silence public outrage and Salford-based dance-rap duo Class Actions introduce their new song “The Terrorist” as we discuss covert surveillance and “Domestic Terrorism” in our big brother society. Did you know the Trafford Centre is decorated in satanic, illuminati symbolism? Author Robert Wakefield explains what to look for and why it’s there, and previews his forthcoming movie “The Year Zero” – and book “Satan in the City”.

Download the full Mp3 Podcast to your computer

Tony Legend Podcast: The truth about 9/11 and 7/11
As more and more people begin to question the facts behind the September 11th attacks, Tony Legend goes on a quest for the real story. With special interviews and sound bytes from around the world in this exclusive one-hour documentary.


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