Candidate Statement

What I’m standing for…

I am standing in this election because I believe that the people of Salford deserve better than Hazel Blears. We deserve better than an MP who has lost touch of where she comes from and appears to represent nothing but her own interests. An MP who will tell us she will fight for services in Salford, but then vote for them to close in Westminster.

The “New Labour” Government which she has so faithfully served has closed our Post Offices, put in place plans to close our only maternity ward, encouraged a regeneration program that has seen many Salfordians feel like unwanted strangers in their own city. Now they expect us to pay the full cost of a recession caused by bankers. They are planning to take nearly £1 billion off the NHS in Greater Manchester alone.

Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats agree with these “SAVAGE” cuts – the unnecessary destruction of our education system, libraries, post-offices, health and social-care for the elderly and disabled – you name it, they all plan to chop them to pieces. The other parties don’t offer any real alternative – just more of the same.

This campaign is standing a candidate because we believe Salford deserves better. We deserve an MP who will stand up for us – for our homes, for our jobs, for our schools and the services we rely on. I want to be that MP.

I want to be your voice in parliament. My commitment to that is a promise that if I am elected I will only take the average public sector workers wage. I pledge to donate the excess to support local community organisations and charities that need it. My parliamentary expenses will also be on display to any constituent who wishes to see them.

I got involved in politics to fight for the things I care about – decent services for young people, the environment and social justice. I never wanted to be an MP – I just wanted to play my part. This campaign has provided someone like me with the opportunity to speak out for the people of Salford and I promise to do that whether elected or not.

I remain a member of Manchester and Salford Green Party and am proud to be standing under the “Charter for Salford” – a manefesto decided by an open public meeting last September. I am also proud to be standing as a T.U.S.C candidate with others around the country who believe politics should be more than just greed, selfishness and hypocrisy, who believe that working class people should have a voice.

This election gives us an opportunity to say that we have had enough of cuts, of closures, of lies, of hypocrisy. This election gives us an opportunity to have our say on Hazel Blears, the Labour Government and the state of politics as a whole. A vote for this campaign is a vote not only for genuine change, but for genuine democracy and honesty in politics.


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