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Page about my supporters with endorsements…
The following appear in a personal capacity unless stated otherwise.

Left to right: David Henry, Kay Phillips, Gayle O’Donovan
Salford & Eccles, Broughton & Blackley, Manchester Central

Endorsement from Peter Tatchell (Human Rights Campaigner)

“David Henry is a young, fresh, independent voice. He wants a fair deal for all the people of Salford. David is the only candidate who wholeheartedly defends public services and working people. He’s got the best policies to ensure a clean, healthy and safe environment. There is no real difference between Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems. They all support big business and the super-rich. It is time for real change. Hazel Blears abused her expenses. Vote her out. If you want a fairer, greener Britain, vote for David Henry.”

Peter Tatchell, Human Rights Campaigner

Endorsement from Cllr Joe O’Neill (Salford City Council)

Independent Councillor Joe O’Neill (Swinton South) and former Liberal Democrat has announced he will not be standing for Parliament and is now fully backing David. He told the Manchester Evening News: “I didn’t take this decision lightly but felt that due to the number of candidates standing, it was possible the vote would be split. I wanted to put my backing being the person that I thought would be best placed to lead Salford and Eccles and I think that is David Henry”.

Endorsement from Joe Kelly (Voluntary Workers Union)

“David is a powerful force for change in Salford, a fresh and exciting alternative to Hazel Blears blatant disregard for her constituents. He represents a new and exciting alternative to Labour, Conservative and Liberal Demorcrats. The VWU is fully backing David as he will fight for the rights of all unpaid volunteers, better services for young people, the elderly and will demand a return to free higher education by scrapping fees all together.”

Youth & Students Officer

Endorsement from Derek Wall (Green Left)

Derek Wall is a writer, economist and involved in the founding of the Green Left movement. He was the last Principal Male Speaker of the Green Party of England and Wales and will be contesting the Windsor seat this year: “David Henry is best placed to kick out Hazel Blears, who has exploited the good people of Salford to fatten her expenses. David has a tremendous record as a campaigner for local people from all walks of life and will bring genuine justice to politics. I wish to offer my support to him and look forward to him being elected as MP for Salford and Eccles.”

Dr Kay Phillips (Broughton & Blackley)

As the political boundaries of Salford change this year, the Higher Broughton, Lower Broughton and Kersal wards of our city will be merged into the new “Broughton and Blackley” constituency combining with large parts of North Manchester. Both areas are currently represented by New Labour MPs – Hazel Blears and Graham Stringer. Both MPs have consistently failed in their pledges to fight for the working classes, social justice and have upheld the oppression of war, imperialism and corporate capitalism.

I am proud to be standing in solidarity with Kay Phillips of the Respect Party – East Salford and North Manchester’s only candidate who has the real potential to stand up for ordinary people in parliament at the 2010 General Election.

Gayle O’Donovan (Manchester Central)

Gayle is young, energetic, and dynamic, and I know how hard she works in Hulme and Manchester Central, taking up issues and holding to account the Council and social landlords.

I know that Gayle would make a fantastic councillor, or a timely replacement for the current MP, whose main contribution of the last five years, working in his capacity as Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party, has been to shore up support for Gordon Brown.

It is time to restore the genuine virtue of FAIRNESS to British politics – what’s fair about three main parties all with a similar neoliberal agenda? A vote for Gayle O’Donovan is a vote for genuine change.
If you want a fairer, greener Britain, vote for Gayle O’Donovan.


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