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General Election 2010
If you have an enquiry relating to my candidacy in the 2010 General Election or the Hazel Must Go Campaign please contact Steven North (Election Agent) in the first instance.

Phone: 07817 434 240


5 Responses to Contact

  1. Alan Hughes says:

    David i have found your political beliefs really interesting and i believe you are a refreshing voice in the political scene.I wish you every success with your campaign and i hope you get to represent us in the new parliament and get to influence change not only for the country but especially for Salford and Eccles.

  2. Derk-Olaf Steggewentz says:

    Hello David,
    what a positive surprise to see something growing left of “new labour”.
    About 25 and more years ago I was responsible for an exchange between Young Socialists in the west-midlands and germany. What a memorable time meeting the miners and listening to a speach of A. Scargill.
    Now Labour isn´t Labour anymore and the SPD isn´t the SPD I was member anymore, both parties start performing wars, cutting social services and support of refugees as examples.
    It is not that the LiNKE rules the country, but being in parlament causes changes – also in the other parties.
    Best luck
    Olaf Steggewentz

    • john hess says:

      Hi Olaf & Gisela,Now the Labour Party needs a new leader. Will we spot any real difference in policy between the candidates? This is a great opportunity for Labour to discover why it was set up in the first place. Hope all’s well.

  3. Reg Howard says:

    David, so refreshing to have someone who has a genuine interest in what is going on in Salford, you certainly have my vote. Go get em mate!!!

  4. Since you’ve removed me on Facebook for wanting to engage in a reasoned debate with you I’ll post my response here in the hope it will illicit a reasoned response from you rather than a petty unfriending.

    My response to your assertion that I was wrong and that you will not debate it was thus:

    I’m a net beneficiary of the welfare system at the moment so don’t think for one minute that I’m going to enjoy the hit my pocket takes. But I’ve also got to be pragmatic that the worst thing for any of us would be to see the country bankrupt. I’d rather see a few quid a week real difference to my pocket now than face the situation Greece is in and potentially not have a government able to support me at all in a year or so down the line. We’re going to have our national credit rating downgraded any week now and that’s in spite of the progress made so far. I’m sorry but with a degree in economics I’m not wrong on this. We have got to be pragmatists and see the importance of dealing with the overall economic situation.

    This particular bill is not the most inspired. I think welfare needs a much more substantial and structural overhaul with those unable to work supported much more and in a much more tailored way and with those out of work but able provided with a safety net but only a safety net. I also think we need to be much more sophisticated in weeding out the few who take the piss with the system and spoil it for the many when it comes to making the issue a political hot potato. I don’t think any of these are unreasonable goals and hopefully I may have even surprised you with my liberalism in spite of being a card carrying Tory. However, the simple reality is that with so much to be done at the moment I cannot see anything more structural gaining political momentum and certainly not with a government half crippled by its own coalition existence.

    As for class war – there are Tories from every class just as there are Labourites in parliament who went to public school. Breaking down the class system is a two way street and requires both sides to stop bleating about class and engage each other on a level about the issues instead.

    And the time for debate is always now. We’re not fit to hold an opinion if we’re not prepared to debate it and certainly neither of us are fit to get involved politically if we’re not prepared to debate.

    I’m a Tory and I went to public school so yes we might not be the most obvious of people to agree on something. Indeed we may not agree on anything. But I for one am happy to engage you in reasoned debate on the issues with an open mind and I’m happy to say that I’d love it if you were able to inform me and my opinions just as much as I’d love it if I might help do the same backwards. We end class war when we cross the divide and break down the mental barriers we put up for ourselves. I will if you will. You now have my contact details, I hope you use them.

    Best regards,


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